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History of Madrid

Distinguished City Madrid Dotted with History Treasures

Spain is passionately proud to house Madrid as one of its most popular cities. So many stories and long legends narrate Madrid's history.Many rulers have played with this city from time to time. Madrid has been acting like a rolling stone more or less. Origin of the city Madrid happened in 9th century. At that time, Arabs used to be power makers in the city. Later Madrid changed hands and was under the reign of Christians. Madrid kept on developing on its pretty pace.

Madrid is an old hand as the city has experienced the rages of time since ages starting back from Middle Ages up to the contemporary era. Centuries passed by and thence Madrid shaped into an elegant and worthy city. Madrid had been witness to too much turmoil and tough times as well, well recalled can be 19th century incidents. In 20th century, Madrid occurred as capital of Spain after the death of General Franco.

Present Madrid is the beautiful capital of Spain. The city is definitely the largest in Spain at the moment.The city Madrid is an amalgamation of variety of cultures living in it. Rich culturally, sound financially and pro active city Madrid has its great charm with the help of which it lures millions of tourists across the world.

Unfold Madrid to know more about the city - historically rich and remarkable.